Regardless if summer, winter, autumn or spring, going to Africa is continually possible. It is always a good time to go on safari, even in winter. The heat of summer makes for a lethargic safari trip in summer, making the chillier winter months more ideal for the type of driving a safari requires. The cooler weather suggests that the wildlife in safari locations are more mobile.

Durban is a major beach hot spot at any time of the year, on account of the warm water of the Indian Ocean. The cold water of the Atlantic Ocean does not trouble surfers in Cape Town. The streets along the coast are brimming with inns, cafés and dining places, meaning there is still an abundance to keep you occupied, and with the best view under the rainbow – whether you are staying in Green Point or Bantry Bay.

Ocean encounters are still possible in Cape Town in winter. For persons still desiring under the sea moments, there are all kinds of these moments with the marine life you can experience, such as penguins, sharks, seals, fish and whales. While you are in Cape Town you can delight in a ride on the wheel at the Waterfront, which boasts panoramic sights of the city; spoil yourself with flavorful sushi at Beluga or go shopping at in the mall, jam-packed with a variety of retail outlets.

Can’t decide between the city or the out-of-doors? Then Cape Town is the optimal choice, because it has both. Choices include horse-riding, the Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre plus more. Hiking routes will supply you with impressive views of the ocean and heavens and the drive along Chapman’s Peak will lead you to the lovely town of Noordhoek, where you can go horse-riding on the beach.

Experiencing wildlife in winter is prospective with a Cape Town safari. Book a safari holiday near Cape Town. Here you can go on game drives, encounter wild animals and spend the night watching the night sky, as the deficiency of city lights brings the skies to life during the night.

A loopy experience you are sure to have on a Cape Town winter safari is a snow-bound game drive. Some areas in the Western Cape experience freezing temperatures in winter-time, meaning snow falls habitually on the mountain ranges in winter, and at times on to the earth too. So if a snow safari seems like something you want to test, book a winter safari at a Cape Town game reserve.

Along with snow, style and luxury you stand a chance of seeing the Big Five. The laid back lion, rowdy rhino, huge elephant, giant buffalo and hidden leopard can all be found in this area. Hundreds of years in the past plenty of each member roamed free, but the beginning of farming and conflict in the area ruined their figures. Today these wildlife sanctuaries grant new hope for restoring these groups to their previous homes. Other wild animals to keep a lookout for are oryx, kudu, cheetahs and Cape foxes.

The mornings in these areas are immensely nippy. Mittens, socks, jerkins and tops are logically a must for a winter safari. Once you come back from the game drives you can thaw in front of a fire or under levels of cozy blankets in luxurious bedrooms at the game lodge.

There is a lot of diversified attraction in the Karoo, where you will find several safari parks. South Africa is truly magnificent in its diversity, none more so than when you compare the expanses of the Karoo flatlands to those of the lowveld a lot further north.

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