crocodile farm george south africafreeroaming big five cape town, Safaris in Africa are commonly carried out during winter as the sightings are usually better during this period. If you want a to go on an incredibly special winter safari unlike any other, then going to Cape Town is advisable. Come rainfall or shine, Cape Town offers its guests loads to see and do, it’s laid-back vibe becoming just a bit more chilled in winter. If you have a preference for smaller crowds when you’re away on holiday then winter in Cape Town is just common sense.

Because Durban is situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean, you will see a lot of individuals in the water all-year round. While swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Town is not a great idea, there are still many surfers that take to the water. If going into the water sounds like a terrible concept, you can test extremely good meals in one of the many eateries along the beaches of Cape Town.

You are sure to be kept very busy when browsing Cape Town, whether in winter or summer. Although the beach and swimming laps are not exactly on the top of the list in winter, there are plenty of other places to enjoy. The V&A Waterfront is a shopper’s heaven, crammed with designer establishments and boutiques, in addition to many excellent dining establishments for fervent foodies. There are quite a few marketplaces for those shopping around for a good deal or a thing good to feed on, so ensure you pop into Neighbourgoods at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock on a Saturday morning or the Hout Bay Market, which runs the whole weekend.

The wonder of nature is for everyone and in Cape Town. The Newlands Forest is located on the eastern inclines of Table Mountain, and is a common walking and jogging spot with the residents. A superior spot right in the city is Green Point Park. It is a good picnic spot or a splendid place for a leisurely stroll.

Watching wildlife in winter is prospective with a Cape Town safari. There are some game farms close to Cape Town. Here you can participate in game drives, come across wild animals and spend the night gazing at the heavens, as the absence of city lighting brings the sky to life through the night.

An amazing fact about a winter safari close to Cape Town is that you may have the ability to experience snow. Some of the zones where the game reserves are located experience frozen temperatures, meaning that you will be attempting to find wild animals with snow-capped mountains as your backdrop. Any time snow comes to the area, the locals become very excited since it is so odd and extraordinary. The animals simply go about their enterprise as always.

In addition to all this joy you can add the very thrilling prospect of seeing Africa’s famous Big 5. The very lazy lion, rough rhino, massive elephant, large buffalo and illusive leopard can all be identified in this area. A long time ago there were much more of them, but they were almost erased by human settlement, warfare and farming. Today these wildlife sanctuaries grant new hope for restoring these groups to their prior homes. You will find a lot more than these five animals, as there are an assortment of other varieties walking around free on the reserves.

Winter safari packing must include jackets, gloves, fluffy socks and scarves, because although the days warm up the temperatures drop drastically at night. For those cold winter nights, very little equals standing next to a roaring fire in the bush, or a steaming drink of hot chocolate in the morning, just before the sun heralds the arrival of the new day.

The drive from Cape Town to the Karoo will make you accept how multi-dimensional South Africa is as the countryside unfolds and changes before your eyes. Between Cape Town and the Karoo you will get the best of everything: vibrant cities and ambiance, a sufficient amount of entertainment, wild animals, outstanding diners, high quality lodging – irrespective of what you are looking for, you will find it.