zebra skins for sale south africaWith the massive migrations of wildlife through the Serengeti throughout the winter months, and the dryness of the South African lowveld in winter drawing wildlife out of hiding to seek water, this season is truly the best moment for a safari in Kenya and Tanzania for the former, and the northern parts of South Africa for the latter. The Western Cape also boasts terrific winter safaris and gives you the option to investigate the well-liked city of Cape Town.

In Durban, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean make it possible to appreciate the sun, sand and surf so you can still go to the beach in winter. The cold water of the Atlantic Ocean does not bother surfers in Cape Town. If you would rather glance at the surfers in the water than be in the water, then sit down at a diner or bar and watch the water-lovers while you sip on a flat white or a delightful Long Island Iced Teal.

There is plenty to see and do in Cape Town, and most of the programs done in summer can be achieved in winter too. You can visit the penguins at Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town or drop by Butterfly World in the Cape winelands.

The Western Cape is a fantastic destination for city-lovers, but also for lovers of Mother Nature. Features include horse-riding, the Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre and many more. Hiking routes will provide you with impressive views of the sea and heavens and the drive along Chapman’s Peak will lead you to the lovely town of Noordhoek, where you can go horse-riding on the beach.

Winter safaris offer a glance into the world of wildlife. Taking you away from the city, you will see a number of impressive wild animals on game drives. Game farms advertise various amenities and establishments to make your stay the best.

A hectic experience you are sure to have on a Cape Town winter safari is a snow-bound game drive. The snow in these safari areas is thanks to the very cold temperatures that these places next to Cape Town experience in winter. So if a snow safari seems like something you want to try, book a winter safari at a Cape Town game reserve.

Many South African safaris offer the chance to see the Big 5 and the Cape Town game reserves are no exception. Several game reserves operating in the Western Cape provide space to the lion, rhino, elephant, leopard and African buffalo. You won’t want to neglect the plant-eating elephants, buffaloes and elephants or the carnivorous leopards and lions. But remember all the other wild animals too. You will stumble upon cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, hippos and impala during game drives, with eager field guidestelling you all about the routines of the creatures of the bush.

The mornings in these areas are exceedingly nippy. Your safari packing must absolutely involve lots of warm clothes to slip on. You will want to wrap up warmly for the drive, and can get rid of the coatings once you return to the lodge.

South Africa’s citizens, climate and vegetation are all immensely differing, as confirmed by the different types of safaris you can experience when visiting this tremendous nation. So pack your warm things for a terrific winter holiday.

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