Safaris in Africa are widely carried out in the wintertime as the sightings are usually much better with this time of year. In Cape Town, winter season safaris offer something special for your safari getaway too. The winter periods in the famous South African city are still busy and pulsating with life and numerous fascinating things you can do, but the throngs are perceptibly leaner than in summer season. If you favor smaller crowds when you go away on holiday then winter in Cape Town is just common sense.

Winter in Cape Town means you are less likely to go to the beach front. Winter rainfall and ice cold seas make this a cold judgement. But once the sun arrives you will be lured to head to the sea shore and Cape Town’s amazing climate makes it totally OK. You will even see hardy water babies, surfers still bronzed and tanned from summer, decide to try the surf.

There is still a way to have some fun with the ocean by dropping by the aquarium, diving with sharks or diving with seals. For persons still desiring marine situations, there are plenty of these moments with the marine life you can experience, such as penguins, sharks, seals, fish and whales. There are also a massive amount of extraordinary restaurants around every corner, such as 95, Gold and HQ.

Can’t decide between the city or the outdoors? Then Cape Town is the perfect choice, because it offers the two. Choices include horse-riding, the Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre and many more. Bird-watchers will uncover plenty to interest them when they visit Die Oog Bird Sanctuary and Nature Reserve in Bergvliet or the Cape Point Ostrich Farm.

Find sensational wildlife when you engage in a game drive. You will track down enchanting respite far from the commotion of the city. Game farms advertise various conveniences and comforts to help make your stay the best.

An amazing factoid about a winter safari close to Cape Town is that you may manage to experience snow. Some of the regions where the game reserves tend to be found experience frozen temperatures, which implies that you’ll end up looking for wild animals with snow-capped mountains as your backdrop. Snow is not exactly a common thing in Africa, therefore this form of winter safari is fairly special. The animals merely go about their enterprise as always.

Countless South African safaris offer the chance to see the Big 5 and the Cape Town game reserves are no exception. Take notice of the Big 5 members – can you remember which animals make up this team? You won’t want to miss the plant-eating elephants, buffaloes and elephants or the meat-eating leopards and lions. However it does not stop with the Big 5 and you will be in a position to see many other wild animals while on safari. A broad variety of birds and antelopes will keep you gripped along with cheetahs, jackals, zebras and meerkats.

Bear in mind though, winter safaris can get cold – chiefly at night and in the early morning. So pack all your warmest jackets and apparel, and remember the hand protection and scarves. You will want to cover up warmly for the drive, and can get rid of the sheets once you return to the lodge.

There is a lot of diverse allure in the Karoo, where you will find several safari parks. South Africa is undeniably magnificent in its diversity, none more so than when you evaluate the stretches of the Karoo flatlands to those of the lowveld a lot further north.

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