People from all over the world know that an African safari in South Africa is unequalled by anything else in the world.
One company that has dedicated itself to bring the magic of the Kalahari to its clients is Kalahari Outventures. They pride themselves on the fact that they truly cater for the authentic adventure seeker’s adventurous heart. With Kalahari Outventure’s Kalahari adventure visitors will have the unbridled opportunity to enjoy an untainted part of South Africa’s true natural beauty.

road lodge cape town airport reviewTheir Backroads Safari was designed in particular with the discerning traveller and backpacker in mind. Guests are in for an adventure of a lifetime as the trip starts out with a drive through the desert to the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park after orientation.
Guests will overnight at Nossob or Mata-Mata after an afternoon game drive though Nossob.

There are plenty of other adventures offered by Kalahari Outventures which may appeal to different people’s sense of adventure, but their Kalahari Safari has shown to be consistently popular among guests and visitors from all aspects of life. Showing people rarely experienced parts of South Africa and allowing them to bask in the joy of connecting with nature, Kalahari Outventures presents many with this once in a lifetime gift.

Other adventures include Orange River rafting and Orange River fly fishing, which has also proved to be very popular among a large proportion of the clientele. Considered for a long time to be one of the finest male bonding rituals, the fishing is further accentuated by adding the legendary Orange River into the mix to get the heart racing and the blood pumping.

Kalahari Outventures has a dedicated and industry professional and experienced team at the ready that are passionate about what they do. Visit their user friendly website for photos of past adventures and about how you can go about booking your Kalahari Safari adventure next!

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