restaurants with activities cape townAfrican safaris are one of the most popular categories of safari offered in the entire world. The specialty of an African safari vacation lies in the fact that Africa possesses some of the rarest and unique fauna species that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Due to the growing demand for such safaris, the African government as well as safari authorities are making efforts to introduce new and exiting offers attached to them. Moreover, with the progress of this industry, better arrangements and security has been facilitated at safari locations. This has even made walking safaris possible in East Africa.

Walking East Africa Safaris will provide you a safari experience for a life time. Such safaris have taken safari vacations to another level and tourists, a step closer to the African wildlife. A walking wildlife safari will allow you to take a walk through the diverse landscapes, woodlands, plains as well as numerous water channels of East Africa. This safari provides you the freedom to walk unfenced in the wilderness, to closely explore the forest bushes for some amazing natural habitats. The most probable species of fauna that you may encounter during your walking safari includes the lion, leopard, African buffalo, elephants and rhino.

It also provides an opportunity to visit the remote areas as well as view the popular Serengeti plains and Masai Mara Game reserve of the East Africa. During this safari, you can also come through places like Loita and Chyulu hills along with the Montane forests and some more parks and game reserves. The main purpose of opting an African safari is to come through some rare and exclusive species. Walking African safaris in Tanzania very well solve the purpose by providing you an opportunity to see exclusive wildlife species like black and white Columbus, antelopes, hyenas, crowned eagles, giant nettles, thorns, vines, lianas, and African monkeys.

The most popular safari park in Tanzania that provides a view of these fauna species is the Serengeti National Park. This park is flocked by maximum number of tourists between the months of October and March. At this time, the amount of herbivores is also the maximum in this national park as it is covered with a massive green cover for their food supply. This is also a good time for bird watching as many special migratory birds can be seen here at this time of the year. One can opt for special safari packages to easy indulge into photography while being here.

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